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"10000 variety " shopping center

"Gurvan Gal Trade " LLC was established in 1999. In the same year we invested in real estate business by purchasing “1000 variety” shopping center and expanded it to rename it to “10000 variety” shopping center. This move proved to be a beneficial move for all stakeholders creating 40-50 new workplaces while enriching our business experience.

Consequently, in 2003 “10000 variety” shopping center was renovated to create a total of 120 workplaces in 1,260 sq.m of floor space in 3 floor levels including the basement. This expansion transformed it to become the first ever escalator-equipped shopping center in Mongolia that is at par with the modern standards. The shopping center is still actively maintained and operated.

Address: “10000 variety” shopping center, III district

Tel: +976 95953444